Your Personal Data Controller

During any transaction, Cover Looks processes and stores some of your personal data. Hence, Cover Looks remains responsible for the protection of your personal data stored during your transactions with us. The financial transactions of the European Union customers are handled by Cover Looks as per the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

To make a direct or an indirect identification of you, your personal information can be put to use. Personal information or data may even include information that can be used to trace and identify a person. Data that has been irreversibly anonymized, so that it might not be utilized by us independently, or in combination with other information to identify you is not included in personal data.

The Personal Data We Collect

The personal information that we collect and process about you is directly influenced by the services and the products that you buy. However, all this information happens to be rather general and will vary amongst the following categories:

  • Information your profile shows – This is the data that you provide to us when you create an account. Information like your name, your title, the country to which you belong, the language in which you interact with us, etc are derived from your complete personal account with us. All this information can be changed and altered at any point of time. 
  • Purchase information – Your purchase choices and decisions also give certain information such as your orders and returns details, your address of delivery, data of your ID, your debit and credit card number (as and where applicable), your mobile number, etc.
  • Information of your device and its location – We also gather information such as the device with which you visit us, its type, its identifier, the IP address, the internet browser, the OS, diagnostic and usage information, device location.
  • Preference and taste information – your choices, tastes, and preferences are also noted so that we can serve you better in the future.

Why And How We Use Your Personal Data

Your personal data is used by us so that we can provide better, develop and improve our services and products and communicate with you better. Generally, your personal data is processed by us for the following purposes.


Examples of Data

Additional Note

Manage the registration of your platform user

This is the data that is used to identify you as the platform user of Cover Looks and grant and access to its website.

Once you decide to become a registered user of Cover Looks platform your personal details are collected and processed to serve your different services and information. You can cancel the registration at any time through customer service.

To carry out the services and the purchases that you make on our platform.

Look after the payment forms used by you to carry out the purchases on our platform. Example PayPal account, bank card number, Paytm account and also order address.

In case you wish to save your card number with us for future purchases the same information is processed and saved with us. Using this way you will not have to enter the same card number every time when you buy something from us. This information could be canceled or changed by you in future.

Analysis for improving the quality and the usability of the website, its products, and services.

Your personal details like your physical dimensions of eight, bust, waist, cup, hip, tastes of purchases, a person for whom you are shopping, nationality, frequency of visit, etc are analyzed so that the website’s offerings can be improved for you as a customer

When you access our platform we tell you that your personal information will be accessed and analyzed by us so that we can offer you better services and products in the future.

Target advertisements for marketing

Phone number, email address, ID information, device’s unique identifier, IP address are used to serve you better.

If you subscribe to our Newsletter you will receive customized information from us about our services and products through SMS or emails.

All above-mentioned data or information will be collected and processed with your prior consent. In case, you wish to withdraw your consent you can do so by contacting us directly .
Your personal details will be used by us to serve you better and for purposes compatible with this original purpose. In case we wish to use your personal details for any other purpose we will contact you with all the required details. In case we use your details without your prior consent it will comply with the permitted laws. For further queries please feel free to contact us.

Duration For Which Your Information Will Be Collected


Time Duration for which the information is required

Look after your platform registration

This will be done for the period you remain subscribed with us

To carry out the services and the platform you require from our website

All the related information is kept till we need to manage your purchases, returns or complaints. Other information such as your card number will be retained by us with your due permission until you make changes in the information.

Analysis of the data to provide better services and products

Your browsing data is used occasionally if there are any requirements for a survey or promotion.  

Targeted advertisement and marketing services

Data will be analyzed till you cancel your subscription

Legal Contexts For Personal Data Processing Of The EEA Residents

If you are an EEA resident, your personal data will be processed as per the European Union’s General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR). 

Processing of your data with your prior consent shall be carried out backed by a justification of the Article 6(1) lit (a) of the general data protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”). If a contract between you and us requires the processing of your personal information it will be done against the justification of the GDPR Article 6(1) lit. (b). When the processing of the data is to be done in compliance with the legal obligations the same will be done based on the GDPR Article 6(1) lit. (c) When the processing complies with a legitimate interest of Cover Looks it will be done in alignment with the GDPR Article 6(1) lit.

Cookies and Other Related Technologies

To provide better services, protect the information, improve and improvise our services and products we use cookies. This is how we measure advertisements, make offers, personalize content, analyze and understand user behavior patterns and head for a safer experience. These cookies could be rejected or removed using the device settings. However, in certain cases, it can restrict your view of the complete range of our products. Give a close read to our Cookies Statement for more information.

Disclosing Personal Data

Some of your personal data is disclosed and shared by us with our business partners. However, it is done to improve our services and products and to improve your customer experience with us. We will not share your personal information for their marketing purposes.

Service Providers

Your personal data is generally shared with our much dependable business service providers like vendors of email services, web hosting, sponsoring of sweepstakes, marketing, promotions, contests, order fulfillment, auditing, customer service, data analytics, conduction of surveys and customer research. These companies are equally obligated to safeguard your data.

Exchange Of Data With Corporate Affiliates

We can share your personal details with any company that is affiliated with Cover Looks. In the case of an acquisition, reorganization, merger, assignment, joint venture, transfer, spinoff, disposition or sale of a business part, or in the event of bankruptcy some information can be sold off to a relevant third party.

Disclosure Security And Legal Compliance

Abiding by the requirements and needs of national security, issues of public importance, law enforcement we can disclose your personal data. If it is required by the law, litigation and legal processes of the land or requests from the governmental authorities from the country or outside disclosing your personal data by us will be justified. The same can be done by Cover Looks to investigate frauds, enforce our terms and protect the other users and our operations as a whole.

Your Rights

You have the right to access, upgrade or even delete your personal information with us. You can also object or restrict our further processing of your personal information. You can attain your personal information in a formal format from us and can complain about the authorized data protection authorities against us processing your personal data. In certain instances, we can request for some personal data out of you to safeguard and reconfirm your user identity. You can contact us at Please mention details for further query and we will revert with information within 30 days.

Account Closing

Contact us at Please mention details when you wish to close your accounts with us in the context of using your personal data for the following purposes

  • Communicating with you
  • Develop and improve our services and products
  • Sharing your information with the third party
  • Promotion of security

Once you close your account with us we may delete all your data without any further liability. However, we can retain some data of yours that could be required to protect the company form probable future abuse, fraudulent cases, recover of account, record auditing.

Third-party Services and Websites

You can access several of our third-party websites through the links that are provided across our websites. However, Cover Looks is not responsible for the practices of privacy that are mentioned by our third-party vendors and business partners. You must read through their privacy policies to know better, Cover Look is responsible for the protection of the data that we collect, process and maintains with us.

Data Security, Retention And Integrity

We use some of the most updated technology and administrative set up to protect your data and make an ethical usage of the same. Your data is shared with authorized resources of Cover Looks like our employees, agents, and contractors. However despite of our best efforts if you feel that the security of your account has been violated please contact us immediately at Please mention details.


Cover Looks offers services and products for the usage of children. We do not cater to children below 16 years. Hence we do not need the personal information of children below 16 years. In case we see that we have collected and processed information of children below 16 we shall delete it immediately. In case you see that we have collected data from children below 16 years please contact at please mention details.

Transfer, Processing, And Storage Of Data

The data that we collect can be transferred to Alibaba Cloud and the Amazon Webs Services which happens to be outside the EEA. However, the transfer of data across the national borders will be done as per legally sanctioned practices.

Change of this Privacy Statement

We can change this Privacy Statement due to emerging technologies; keep pace with industry trends and regulatory terms and conditions. Most of the changes, if brought any, will be minor and will be intimated to you through various means such as emails, push notification, banners, pop-ups, etc. In case you do not agree with the changes you may refrain from using our platform its products and services or can unsubscribe from our website. In case you continue to use our platform even after the changes it will indicate at your acceptance of the changes brought about by us.

Contact Us
In case you have queries about our Privacy Statement please feel free to contact us at

You can also contact us for the following reasons as well: 

  • For providing new email id or other methods of communication with you
  • For suggesting us new ways of improving our  website, its products, and services
  • For sharing your personal data with our third-party partners.
  • For suggesting new ways of keeping our transactions more secure promotion of security.
  • For executing any transaction related to your order.