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Cover Looks. We offer diverse goods and services subject to terms & conditions and notifications provided in this agreement (it is mentioned as the “Agreement”). We may change the terms & conditions mentioned in this agreement from time to time without any prior notice. We may change, modify, delete, or add any portion of this site without any prior notification. So, every time you use Cover Looks, pay attention to terms & conditions included with this site. Following are some important terms and conditions of using the official website:

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    General Terms and Conditions 
    • The contents in all pages in this website of Cover Looks is for general information only. 
    • The contents of the website subject to change any time without any prior notice. 
    • Neither Cover Looks nor any third party guarantee or warrantee the timeliness, accuracy, performance, suitability, or completeness of the information contained in this website. 
    • Neither Cover Looks nor any third party guarantee or warranty guarantee complete accuracy of the content or any material sold by Cover Looks or third party whose information is available on this website. 
    • Your decision to use information or materials contained on this website is your sole decision and you do so at your own risk. 
    • Any unauthorized use of this website may lead to legal action against you. 
    • All the trademarks used in this website, except the trademark of Cover Looks, are the sole property of the respective third parties or companies. 


    The use of the website of Cover Title

    At the time of using the website, you agree to our privacy and cookie policies and you also agree to the processing of data as per our privacy policy. You also acknowledge that the data you provide is true to your knowledge. At the time of using this website of Cover Title, you are given a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable license to access the website on your internet browser only for the purpose of shopping of all or any product or accessing services provided by Cover Title. Any violation of this agreement will lead to the immediate revocation of the license. 

    By accessing this website of Cover Looks, you agree that –

    • You will not use the website for any commercial use in the absence of any prior permission from Cover Looks
    • You will use your account with Cover Looks for browsing or buying the items or availing any services that Cover Looks offers. 
    • You will not allow any third party to access your account for any sorts of activities on Cover Looks website. 
    • Unless otherwise given special permission either written or oral, you will not distribute, display, sell, lease, translate, change, modify, transmit, decompile, reverse-engineer, or otherwise exploit this website. 
    • Your permission to use this website will be terminated for any act or activity from your side that Cover Looks believes will violate any law or rules applicable to Cover Looks business. 
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    • Your permission to use this website will be terminated for any act or activity from your side that Cover Looks believes will damage Cover Looks goodwill or interrupt business activities. 
    • Your use of any information or materials of this website is completely at your own risk. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that the products or services you avail from this website meet your requirements. 

    Data policy 

    You agree to provide us all information or data including your address, contact details, and email id at the time of registering with us or placing your orders with us. You further agree that Cover Looks can use this information for communicating with you for anything related to your account or order.

    We respect your privacy. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.  

    Trade Rules

    1. Price and Payment
      • The price of a Product includes all applicable taxes of India and the country where you are ordering the product. 
      • The price of an ordered product also includes the delivery charges. 
      • If for any reason whatsoever, we are unable to dispatch one or more of your product, we will refund the full amount. 
      • You must follow all the steps of a purchase process and until you make the final payment you always get the option to add or deduct one or more units of items. 
      • You get complete information on your current and past purchases including their status. 
      • You get multiple payment options including payment through several international credit and debit cards such as Visa, Master card, pay pal  and American Express.
      • In order to minimize the risk of non-authorized access to your credit or debit card details, data formed during the transaction will be encrypted. 
      • Transaction through your credit card is subject to verification and authorization by the card issuing authority. 
        2. Colours and Packing 
        • Cover Looks has tried every possible way to display the colours of the items as accurately as possible. However, the actual colours you see may vary to some extent due to the quality of the display unit at your end. Cover Looks doesn’t take any responsibility in this matter. 
        • Cover Looks takes the responsibility of minimum packing as per the transportation mode. If you require any special packing and transportation, you have to pay the extra prices for the same. 
          3. Shipping and Delivery 
            • Cover Looks ships items from different warehouses. If there are more than one item and those belonging to different warehouses, Cover Looks may split the delivery into several packages. 
            • Products are delivered within the stipulated period; however, Cover Looks will not remain responsible for any unavoidable delay like due to natural calamity, holidays, and sudden lack of manpower.  
            4. Title of products and risk of loss 
              • Delivery of products with proper packaging to a career shall constitute the delivery to the buyer. 
              • In case there is damage or a loss it shall be passed to the Buyer.
              • The Buyer’s claim of loss shall be passed to the carrier.
              • Claim for damage must be done within 5 days after getting the delivery.
              • The complete title of the products will be transferred to the buyer until Cover Looks gets the full payment. \

              5. Product Return Policy

              • The return of any product will be as per the return policy of Cover Looks. 
              • Products can be returned as per the return terms and conditions as mentioned in this website.
              • The exact time period and policy of return can vary from country to country.
              • Customers will have to bear the freight charges during product return. 
              • Items with faulty quality and sizes can be exchanged.
              • Items with any forms of damages can be exchanged. 
              • In case we see that there is a defect in the product delivered we will refund your money.
              • Items like sleepwear, lingerie, swimwear, bodysuits, accessories, jewellery cannot be returned.

              6 Reviews and Comments

              • Anything that a customer posts or submits to the site of Cover Looks will be treated as non-proprietary or non-confidential.
              • Here through such posts, the customers agree to irrevocably license the entry of all IP rights.
              • You confirm that your submissions in any form, in whole or in part, are clear and free of any IP right infringement, disputes or third party claims. 
              Intellectual property and Ownership 
              • Please recognize that all registered trademark, copyright and intellectual property rights on all content as given on the website belongs to Cover Looks.
              • You may use the material as we authorize.
              • “Cover Looks is the registered trademark of our organization selling items and offering related services online with the same name. 
              Third-Party Links and Resources
              • Our sites contain links to the websites and also to the resources that are provided by third parties. 
              • These links are provided for the information of our users only.
              • The contents of these third-party websites are not controlled or managed by us.
              • Cover Looks doesn’t bear any responsibility for any information given on the third-party websites. 
              • Cover Looks will not be responsible in any way if the buyer takes any decision in any form on the basis of any information they gather from the third-party website.
              Uncontrollable events and incidents

              There are certain contexts the consequences of which do not happen to be within the control of Cover Looks. All the losses and the damages that arise out of such events that are beyond the management of Cover Looks hence we bear no responsibility to such events. They are collectively known as Force Majeure. Some examples of such events are

              • Protest in any form like lockout and strike.
              • Events like a terrorist attack, invasion, war, revolt, and civil unrest.
              • Natural disasters like earthquake, flood, storm, epidemic or accidents like explosion, fire, and collapse.
              • Unable to use various forms of transport such as trains, ships, air flights, etc.
              • Government regulations like decrees, acts, legislation and so on.
              • Accidents, strikes or failures of transport.
              • The buyer will be duly intimated about the exact condition of Force Majeure.
              • We shall make every attempt to end the situation as soon as possible.

               Liability, Waiving Liability and Statutory Consumer Rights

              The prices incurred by Cover Looks will be as clearly mentioned in the website of the company. Otherwise can happen in the following conditions

              • If there is a death or if a person is harmed due to Cover Looks negligence.
              • In case of fraudulent dealings
              • In any case in which it was illicit or illegal attempt to limit to exclude our liability.

              However, responsibility for losses of the following types shall not be entertained.

              • Loss of sales or income
              • Loss due to operations
                loss of contracts or that of profits
              • Loss of savings of forecast
              • Loss of data
              • Business loss
              • Mismanagement of time.

              The website has a limited capacity for storage and also of transpiration of digital data. There can occur a problem in this domain and Cover Looks cannot take any responsibility for the same. The descriptions of all the products on the website are given are true to the best of our knowledge the reality and no tempering with facts has been done. However, no guarantee is provided against any of the provided. Cover Looks is simply responsible for the product to you. 

              Applicable jurisdiction and legislation

              The use of our website and the product purchase contracts through the said website shall be governed by the laws applicable to you in your Country. Any controversy or contradiction that arises or is related to the use of the website or said contracts shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts. If you are entering into the contract as a consumer, nothing in this clause shall affect the statutory rights you have, as recognized in any applicable legislation in this area.